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The road to renewal: five priorities for health and care

An analysis by the King’s Fund (UK) outlining higher level responses needed across healthcare following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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“I’m ready to invest in wellbeing learning!”

Modules and courses to improve your knowledge and improve your wellbeing

WorkSafe WorkWell Toolkit

How can we create a mentally healthy workplace?

Work is a big part of our daily lives and can help to prevent mental ill-health by giving us a feeling of purpose and a sense of contribution.

Download resources to promote mentally health workplaces.

WorkWell - WorkSafe Victoria

Leadership actions

When faced with unique obstacles or challenges, such as COVID-19, leadership is one of the most important human factors skills that will ensure safety and mission success. 

Download resources to support leaders to lead safely during the COVID-19 response.

Pandemic Kindness Movement

Innovation network

Especially suited to the public sector, managers can source toolkits to address aspects of work that impact employees wellbeing. By selecting 'Wellbeing' as an interest, you'll find tools on how to facilitate job sharing, building social contracts, advice from other managers, and more.

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Alison Coughlan programs

Alison is a teacher, mentor and author who helps strengthen capability within the health and social sector. She has two new programs available:

  • Resilience and Impact: with three tailored packages targeting individuals, leaders and teams, participants will access online self-assessments, one-on-one sessions with Alison, and workshops to discuss co-design strategies (teams module). 
  • The Health Hazard Course: comprising 11 modules covering topics such as mindset shifts and taking control of time, participants will increase personal insight and wellbeing by creating a plan for their best work and best life. You will also have access to an online community for networking opportunity, and a monthly webinar delivered by Alison.

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Bevington Group

Bevington Group specialise in process improvement and change management. Resources include archived webinars on resilience, leadership, and managing through turbulent times. 

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Health Roundtable Workforce Wellbeing Improvement Group

Health Roundtable connect health services to share improvement innovations. Membership to their Improvement Group gives access to staff wellbeing assessment and tracking; wellbeing resources; and access to national clinician wellbeing data.

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Page last updated: 23 Jul 2021

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