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"I need healthcare worker support now"

Nurses and midwives  

Nurse & Midwife Support  

24/7 confidential support, advice and referral for nurse and midwives, and nursing and midwifery students. 

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Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria  

A free, confidential, and independent support service for nurses, midwives and students experiencing sensitive issues related to their mental health, substance use, family violence or any issue impacting their health and wellbeing.

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Pharmacists Support Service  

A confidential phone service to support pharmacists, pharmacist interns, students and family members of pharmacists experiencing distress.

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Victorian Doctor’s Health Program

Tailored healthcare support for the medical workforce, in particular confidential support for medical professionals struggling with their mental health.

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Australian Medical Association (AMA) Victoria Peer Support Service    

Anonymous and confidential telephone support for any doctor or medical student experiencing distress. AMA membership isn’t necessary to access this service.

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Aged care workers

Department of Health – Grief and Trauma Support for those in aged care, impacted by COVID-19.  

We recognise that the aged care sector is significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Free and confidential support is available to residents, staff, family members and friends to those living in aged care facilities. Support is available, in person, via phone, or online.

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All healthcare workers

The Victorian Government  

A number of mental health resources are available for healthcare workers, whose mental wellbeing may have been affected by COVID-19.

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"I’ve got 5 minutes…"

On your break, on your commute, on your mind

'Burnout in Healthcare' podcast 

Coda is a global community of healthcare workers who produce clinical podcasts. This podcast features Liz Crowe, paediatric social worker, who offers a fresh perspective on burnout in the modern world.



Gathering Places for First Nations people 

This research highlights how gathering places can support identity, social cohesion and connectedness for First Nations people, including healthcare workers.

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Dr Jonathan Kingsley


Made for health professionals by health professionals, this app is designed to help you find calm, clarity, and balance during your busy working day.


Alfred Health

Smiling Mind 

Practice daily meditation and mindfulness. Developed by psychologists and educators.


Songs of Comfort & Hope

In response to collective experiences of isolation and confusion in 2020, Yo-Yo Ma and Kathryn Stott adapt classical music favourites to give listeners a 'musical hug'.


ABC Classic

Gathering of Kindness – A Touch of Kindness  

 Psychologist and Executive Coach Sharee Johnson shares a short piece on identifying what kindness is, and what it is not, as well as a one minute self-care practice.

The Hush Foundation

“How have I been looking after my soul during COVID-19?”

Victorian healthcare workers and others share how they have been looking after themselves during the pandemic.


Spiritual Health Association

The Hush Foundation music

Carefully curated music from some of Australia’s foremost musicians, to reduce stress and anxiety.














The Hush Foundation poetry    

Di Percy shares spoken word recitals in honour of healthcare workers. 










"I’ve got an hour…"

Grab a cuppa, find a comfy spot and enjoy

Self-care and wellbeing while working at the healthcare frontline

This August 2020 webinar will help you address feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression you may be experiencing, and give you strategies and information to support colleagues.


Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Centre

Combating compassion fatigue and burnout at the healthcare frontline during COVID-19

This October 2020 webinar will help you and your colleagues build resilience, protect against burnout and cope with psychological distress during the pandemic.


Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Centre

Healthcare worker wellbeing in the time of COVID 

Wellbeing is not a one size fits all approach. This panel represents a broad range of professionals and parts of the sector to encourage a diverse and engaging conversation.


Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Centre

This Working Life    

To help you navigate your way through the tough times, in this podcast experts in the world of work and business share ideas that you can apply to your own careers.

ABC National Radio

“I’m ready to invest in wellbeing learning!”

Modules and courses to improve your knowledge and improve your wellbeing

5 Ways to Wellbeing    

Five simple and effective ways to improve your psychological and emotional health, based on extensive international research.

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The Royal Melbourne Hospital

Tips for sleep and lighting

Maintain a healthy self and workplace through these evidence-based tips to stay alert at work. 

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