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The healthcare worker wellbeing centre is pleased to announce the Chair and members of our inaugural advisory group.

The advisory group members are champions for improvement in healthcare worker wellbeing and will provide:

  • expert input to the establishment and activity of the wellbeing centre
  • connection between the centre and the voice of healthcare workers
  • leadership to the initiatives of the centre

We had an overwhelming response to the opportunity and look forward to working with both the successful applicants, as well as all those who applied, who we hope will be part of our broader engagement.  

Engagement in the work of the centre will also occur via a series of affinity groups. These groups will leverage existing groups, as well as embracing new stakeholders to reach all corners of the system. This will help us understand what matters when it comes to healthcare worker wellbeing. The advisory group will also be connected to the healthcare worker infection prevention and wellbeing taskforce and existing meetings with industrial leads and professional groups.

All of our Clinical Chiefs, Alan Eade (Chief Paramedic Officer), Andrew Wilson (Chief Medical Officer, Tanya Farell (Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer) and Donna Markham (Chief Allied Health Officer) are involved in leading the work of the healthcare worker wellbeing centre and will continue to use their stakeholder engagement networks to represent and contribute the voice of all healthcare workers.

Healthcare worker wellbeing centre advisory group membership:

  •  Kym Jenkins has been selected as Chair of the advisory group. Kym is a psychiatrist and is the interim Medical Director at the Victorian Doctors Health Program. She is also a founder of Hand n Hand peer support and on the leadership committee for Pandemic Kindness
  • Alison O'Sullivan is a health and wellbeing consultant in community health settings and an Occupational Therapist
  • Andrew Tagg is a medical professional and the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine's State Champion for wellbeing.
  • Cheryl Ou is currently working as an administration officer in the Barwon Health Mental Health Hospital In The Home
  • Chris Edmonds has worked with urban Aboriginal communities for the past ten years
  • Glenn Taylor is the CEO of the Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria (NMHPV) and a registered nurse.
  • Jessica Kennedy is a respiratory physician and PhD candidate researching the occupational and system factors that affect doctors health & wellbeing.
  • Jane Munro is a paediatric rheumatologist at the Royal Children’s hospital and a founding member of Pandemic Kindness.
  • Kylie McKenzie is clinical psychologist from Ballarat health services
  • Louise Guerin is an Organisational Development Consultant for the Health Services division of Mercy Health.
  • Noni Bourke is CEO of Kooweerup Regional Health Service with qualifications in health service management
  • Owen Roodenburg is the director of ICU at Monash health
  • Rhianna Perkin is a service design manager at EACH in mental health, alcohol and other drugs, homelessness and youth services. She is also a psychologist.

Page last updated: 06 Apr 2021

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