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Safer Care Victoria
Published Date25 Feb 2019
Last Updated28 May 2020
What are your priorities for 2020-21? Due to the pandemic, your statement of intent is now due 10 September 2020. Please identify two... Read more...
  • Consumers as partners
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date28 Jun 2019
Last Updated28 Aug 2019
When patients are unexpectedly harmed or die in a health service, a team of staff come together to find out what happened, why, and how... Read more...
  • Consumers as partners
  • Incident response
  • Patience experience and outcomes
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date09 Aug 2019
Last Updated16 Aug 2019
We know better health outcomes happen when health services work in partnership with consumers. Through the National Safety and... Read more...
  • Accreditation and standards
  • Consumers as partners