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We know better health outcomes happen when health services work in partnership with consumers.

Through the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards, partnering with consumers is also a key requirement for health services to achieve national accreditation.

To help your service meet this requirement, we have developed handy fact sheets that map the five domains of our Partnering in healthcare framework against the eight standards.

Core actions to partner with consumers

In Victoria health services are assessed against the second edition of the NSQHS Standards, released in November 2017.

This edition highlights an increased focus on partnering with consumers. In addition to the Partnering with Consumers Standard, you'll find new core actions to meet this requirements.

Health services should provide evidence of continuous improvement in:

  • actively involving consumers in their own care
  • meeting consumers’ information needs
  • shared decision-making. 

Achieving accreditation is a baseline measure for Partnering in healthcare and using our framework and fact sheets will support you to achieve this.

How to use the fact sheets

Select your domain

Health services have been asked to choose at least two partnering in healthcare domains to focus on.

Download the fact sheet for each domain to see how it aligns with each of the eight NSQHS Standards (second edition.)

The domains are:

  • Personalised and holistic
  • Working together
  • Shared decision-making
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Effective communication        

Each fact sheet includes:

  • information about the domain and how it aligns to the standards
  • an outline of the eight standards
  • a set of core actions and relevant criteria, with new (second edition) criteria highlighted in bold with an asterisk*
  • examples of evidence from the accreditation workbooks.

Review the evidence

Each fact sheet highlights how the domain and the standards intersect. We've also included examples of relevant evidence, taken from the NSQHS Standards (second edition) workbook, and listed against each domain. 

This list is intended as a guide only. Health services should also refer to their own evidence against the domains and standards.

For more information about the NSQHS Standards (second edition) visit

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Effective communication fact sheet

Equity and inclusion fact sheet

Personalised and holistic fact sheet

Shared decision-making fact sheet

Working together fact sheet

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