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Thank you for helping us to celebrate International year of the nurse and midwife in 2020!

The below pack will help you join the conversation in Victoria, and promote the vital role that nurses and midwives play in making our healthcare safer and better.

How to get involved

Download some of our social images to use on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Remember to use the hashtags


There a loads more resources you can use from the World Health Organization.

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It’s our year!

We want to see you! 

Download and print our 'It’s our year' sign and post photographs of you and your colleagues to social media.

Tell us your story – why do you do what you do? And how are you celebrating your year?

Make sure to use those hashtags...

How your workplace can get involved

Some suggested ideas include:

  • Filming video vox pops with nurses, patients and others, asking the question ‘How brilliant are nurses and midwives?!’
  • Hold your own event to celebrate your nursing and midwifery staff.
  • Run regular nurse profiles in your public communications or local media.
  • Promote the year-long event in your internal newsletter or intranet.
  • Invite a graduate to be Executive Director for the day.

Page last updated: 06 Mar 2020

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