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When patients are unexpectedly harmed or die in a health service, a team of staff come together to find out what happened, why, and how to prevent it from happening again. 

An important piece of this puzzle is to understand the patient perspective, or that of their family or carer.

Involving consumer representatives when reviewing adverse events can challenge assumptions and highlight areas for improvement. Consumer representatives are not directly affected by the event being reviewed, but they can help to provide the perspective of the patient, their family, or carer.

We’ve developed these guides to support health services and consumer representatives to work together to review adverse serious events. 

Our guides: 

  • provide health services with tips for engaging consumer representatives on their review teams
  • provide guidance and tips for consumer representatives about the review process
  • clarify the role of consumer representatives on review teams 

Download the guide for health services and the guide for consumer representatives below.

Guide to consumer remuneration

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Page last updated: 28 Aug 2019

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