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When a patient presents to an emergency department or urgent care centre, they should be given the best available information.

This updated fact sheet helps ensure clinicians and patients have access to easy-to-read information about different emergency conditions.

Give this fact sheet to your patients when discharging them from an emergency department or urgent care centre.

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Download our fact sheet below to provide your patients with easy to follow guidance on care of open wounds.

This fact sheet has the #withconsumers tick from the Consumers Health Forum of Australia

Wounds can be classified as incisions (cuts), lacerations (rugged cuts) or abrasions (grazes or scratches).

Incisions are usually caused by a sharp object slicing the skin, such as a knife or during an operation.

Lacerations are caused by blunt trauma that splits the skin (such as being hit with a cricket bat).

Abrasions occur when the surface layer of the skin (epidermis) has been rubbed off or grazed.

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Page last updated: 19 Jul 2019

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