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Published Date16 Mar 2018
Last Updated11 Apr 2019

Abdominal paracentesis is a medical procedure where the abdominal cavity is punctured to obtain fluid for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.

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Published Date15 Mar 2018
Last Updated21 Nov 2018

All humans have diverse sex traits which are initially ambiguous in utero. For some humans, variations of natural ambiguity continue (whether related to chromosomal, hormonal or anatomical diversities). Ambiguous genitalia occur in approximately... Read more...

Published Date01 Jun 2018
Last Updated13 Nov 2019

Apnoea is defined as no effective respiratory effort for ≥ 20 seconds or for > 10 seconds if associated with bradycardia (< 100 bpm), oxygen desaturation, cyanosis or pallor. Apnoea may be classified as one of the following:

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