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Development timeline: December 2018 – December 2019

New guidance to support clinical decision making to prescribe, order and administer anticipatory medicines in community-based palliative care. 

Why are we developing this guidance?

There is a need to develop statewide guidance for using anticipatory medicines.

Consumers tell us that they want to be cared for and die at home. Anticipatory medicines are one way this can happen and are an important part of community-based palliative care. When anticipatory medicines are in place, the common symptoms in the last days of life such as pain, nausea, breathlessness and agitation are more easily managed and may prevent ambulance attendance and / or admission to hospital. 

This new guidance supports the priorities in the Victorian end of life and palliative care framework where patients receive services that are coordinated and integrated, and that quality end of life and palliative care is everyone’s responsibility. 

Scope of guidance

This guideline is for all healthcare professionals in hospital and community settings who provide palliative or end of life care to support Victorian patients, who are:

  • receiving palliative care from their healthcare provider
  • have expressed a preference to be cared for and /or die at home.

Expert working group membership

Angela Dredge Chair, Director of Nursing Continuing & Palliative Care, Peninsula Health
Dr Scott King Chair, Palliative Medicine Specialist Calvary Health Care Bethlehem
Ka-Yee Chen Chief Pharmacist Calvary Health Care Bethlehem
Dr Peter Eastman Co-head of Palliative Care Department Palliative Medicine Specialist, Barwon Health
Dr Claire Hepper General Practitioner Creswick Medical Centre
Dr Naomi Katz Palliative Medicine Specialist Alfred Health
Dr Hanan Khalil Pharmacy Academic Monash University
Dr Chien-Che Lin Palliative Medicine Specialist Banksia Palliative Care
Melanie Mattinson Palliative Care Nurse Specialist Ballarat Hospice Care
Jeremy McKnight Lived experience  
Adriana Mulla Lived experience  
Kirsten Oataway ANUM Palliative Care Austin Health
James Oswald Paramedic Ambulance Victoria
Joanne Spurge Clinical Nurse Consultant Portland District Health
Dr Anh Tran Emergency Physician Mercy Health
Heather Wickham Palliative Care Nurse Consultant Northeast Health Wangaratta
Anita Wild Nurse Practitioner Bendigo Health
Loretta Williams Palliative Care Nurse Consultant Western Health
Tim Wendt Director of Pharmacy West Gippsland Healthcare Group

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Safer Care Victoria
+61 3 9096 8364

Page last updated: 14 Nov 2019

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