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Consultative councils
Published Date01 May 2019
Last Updated19 Jul 2019
Victoria’s Mothers, Babies and Children 2017 report contains comprehensive data on all maternal, perinatal and paediatric mortality and... Read more...
  • Maternity and newborn
  • Paediatric
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date05 Mar 2019
Last Updated17 Jul 2019
These quarterly reports contain data to help measure the performance of Victorian renal services and drive service improvement through... Read more...
  • Quality measures
  • Renal
Victorian Agency for Health Information
Published Date06 Jun 2019
Last Updated11 Jun 2019
Delivering better cardiac outcomes in Victoria: An initiative of the National Data Linkage Demonstration Project is a report published... Read more...
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date12 Apr 2019
Last Updated29 May 2019
This review examines the use and outcomes of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in Victoria. ECMO gives temporary life-support... Read more...
  • Clinical/Acute Care
  • Emergency care
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date21 May 2019
Last Updated21 May 2019
This report details Safer Care Victoria's review of two independent councils that review mortality and morbidity cases - the Victorian... Read more...
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date25 Mar 2019
Last Updated25 Mar 2019
This report responds to a coronial recommendation to consider the safety of using haemodialysis machines at home. It identifies risks... Read more...
  • Induction of labour
Safer Care Victoria, Consultative councils
Published Date25 Jan 2019
Last Updated06 Feb 2019
VSCC report This triennial report presents mortality and morbidity data from the sentinel events reviewed by the Victorian Surgical... Read more...
  • Clinical/Acute Care
  • Quality measures
  • Safety cultures
Safer Care Victoria, Consultative councils
Published Date03 Jul 2018
Last Updated29 Jan 2019
The Victorian perinatal services performance indicators report aims to improve outcomes for Victorian women and their newborns by... Read more...
  • Maternity and newborn
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date03 Aug 2018
Last Updated11 Jan 2019
This report provides the Victorian community and the health sector with information on the most serious adverse events reported in... Read more...
  • Safety cultures
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date27 Aug 2018
Last Updated04 Jan 2019
This is a comprehensive report of the services and programs we deliver to improve the quality and safety of healthcare in Victoria. It... Read more...
  • Corporate information