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Safer Care Victoria
Published Date25 Mar 2019
Last Updated25 Mar 2019
This report responds to a coronial recommendation to consider the safety of using haemodialysis machines at home. It identifies risks... Read more...
  • Induction of labour
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date19 Feb 2019
Last Updated05 Mar 2019
Patient of all ages (adult, teens and children) who carry an adrenaline autoinjector (or EpiPen®) should hold on to them in hospital in... Read more...
  • Clinical/Acute Care
  • Critical Care
  • Emergency care
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date27 Feb 2019
Last Updated27 Feb 2019
Involved in an incident review? This information will help you understand what documents to collect and keep as part of the review,... Read more...
  • Incident response
Safer Care Victoria, Consultative councils
Published Date25 Jan 2019
Last Updated06 Feb 2019
VSCC report This triennial report presents mortality and morbidity data from the sentinel events reviewed by the Victorian Surgical... Read more...
  • Clinical/Acute Care
  • Quality measures
  • Safety cultures
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date19 Sep 2018
Last Updated08 Jan 2019
Whether it’s holding someone’s hand or providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), you can give someone much-needed comfort or even... Read more...
  • Clinical/Acute Care
  • Emergency care
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date27 Aug 2018
Last Updated04 Jan 2019
This is a comprehensive report of the services and programs we deliver to improve the quality and safety of healthcare in Victoria. It... Read more...
  • Corporate information
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date16 Oct 2018
Last Updated06 Dec 2018
Historically, unwell or injured passengers have been left on board public transport while waiting for a first aider and/or Ambulance... Read more...
  • Emergency care
Published Date06 Jun 2018
Last Updated26 Sep 2018
Throughout 2017 there was increased community and health sector attention on Victoria’s end of life care services. This focus occurred... Read more...
  • Older people
  • Palliative care
Victorian Agency for Health Information
Published Date30 May 2018
Last Updated21 Sep 2018
The Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI) produces a suite of reports for health services and the Victorian community. VAHI’s... Read more...
  • Corporate information
Victorian Agency for Health Information
Published Date20 Sep 2018
Last Updated20 Sep 2018
Check out VAHI's key achievements for 2017-18 ...