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Safer Care Victoria
Published Date12 Mar 2018
Last Updated04 May 2020
This policy details Victorian requirements for senior medical practitioner credentialing and scope of clinical practice. It provides ‘... Read more...
  • Accreditation and standards
  • Governance and leadership
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date27 Aug 2019
Last Updated27 Aug 2019
This policy outlines individual, health service and SCV responsibilities when responding to an adverse patient safety event. Please... Read more...
  • Incident response
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date27 Feb 2019
Last Updated27 Feb 2019
Involved in an incident review? This information will help you understand what documents to collect and keep as part of the review,... Read more...
  • Incident response
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date19 Sep 2018
Last Updated08 Jan 2019
Whether it’s holding someone’s hand or providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), you can give someone much-needed comfort or even... Read more...
  • Clinical/Acute Care
  • Emergency care
Safer Care Victoria
Published Date14 Aug 2018
Last Updated14 Aug 2018
All the fact sheets and information updates on the Partnering in healthcare framework development and consultation. ... Read more...
  • Consumers as partners