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This report was produced with WorkSafe Victoria, and analyses the top 10 contributing factors for healthcare workers in hospitals and residential aged care facilities, and preventive measures that have been introduced. 

Download Learning from healthcare worker COVID-19 infections

The aim of this report is to learn from this to better protect healthcare workers during a pandemic.
In 2020, 4170 healthcare workers contracted coronavirus (COVID-19). From July 2020, services voluntarily provided their investigations into healthcare worker transmissions, including:

  • 223 cases in nine metropolitan public and private hospitals
  • 74 cases in private residential aged care facilities.

Insights from health services

This summary report describes insights from health services who experienced COVID-19 outbreaks among frontline staff. It shares the lessons learned, best practice examples and opportunities for statewide improvement.

Download Summary of insights shared by health services

These insights are based on interviews with 12 infection control and occupational health and safety staff from six Victorian health services. Interviews were conducted with WorkSafe Victoria in October and November 2020, following the second wave of the pandemic in Victoria. The interviews built upon analysis of data health services provided about common contributing factors in healthcare worker infections.

The findings are sorted into eight themes:

  1. The virus and testing
  2. Safely accommodating COVID-19 patients
  3. Patient and staff movement
  4. Caring for patients
  5. Personal protective equipment
  6. Staff wellbeing
  7. Managing health service staffing
  8. Managing infection prevention measures

Page last updated: 14 Dec 2021

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