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This is a report about care of people in the last days of life in acute care settings in Victoria. It summarises the first phase of the care of the dying person project currently running in the Palliative Care Clinical Network.

The report describes our progress so far, including:

  • our best care principles for care in the last days of life (see below)
  • the results of an organisational survey and patient record audit to help health services understand how care was delivered
  • what care patients in the last days of life are receiving 
  • the next steps for phase two of this project.

Principles of care for the dying person

  1. Dying is recognised and clearly communicated. Decisions are made in accordance with regularly reviewed needs and wishes. Strategies are used to ensure understanding
  2. Sensitive communication with the dying person and those important to them
  3. The dying person (and those important to them) are as involved as they want to be
  4. Those important to the dying person are supported, both before death and through bereavement
  5. Individualised, holistic, compassionate care is agreed, co-ordinated and provided 

Page last updated: 13 Nov 2020

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