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The Victorian Agency for Health Information’s vision is for a community that is better informed about health services, and health services that receive better information to serve their communities and provide better, safer care.

To achieve this vision, VAHI produces a range of reports on health service performance, quality and safety.

The Victorian health services performance monitoring framework outlines the Government’s approach to overseeing the performance of Victorian health services, including VAHI’s responsibilities.

Executive oversight


Public health services each have a Statement of Priorities, which is their agreement with the Minister for Health on key performance expectations, targets and funding for the financial year.

Performance against the measures agreed in the Statement of Priorities is reported in Monitor. Monitor is produced monthly to show health service CEOs how they are tracking. A quarterly edition is sent to health service Boards. An annual Monitor report is also sent to CEOs and Boards.

Responsibility for Monitor moved from the Department of Health and Human Services when VAHI was established.

Program Report for Integrated Service Monitoring (PRISM)

PRISM includes a broad set of measures on health service activity and performance. It supports Monitor by providing further context and allows health services to benchmark against similar health services.

PRISM is distributed to CEOs and Boards quarterly. An annual PRISM report is also distributed.

Responsibility for PRISM moved from the Department of Health and Human Services when VAHI was established.

Board Quality and Safety Report

VAHI developed the Board Quality and Safety Report for board members to get information about the quality and safety performance of their health service, including how their results compare with similar health services.

The Board Quality and Safety Report is distributed quarterly to health service boards.



VAHI developed Inspire to support clinicians to understand the performance of their health service against key measures that impact safety, quality and performance. Inspire will help to improve the flow of information in the health system so that issues can be identified and attention can be focused on opportunities for improvement.

Inspire is intended to support conversations on safety and quality among clinicians and management. A key component of the report is clinician-focused advice provided by Safer Care Victoria to help drive these conversations.

Inspire is produced quarterly and sent directly to clinicians. In addition, specialist issues of Inspire will be released from time to time, to provide in-depth reporting on specific clinical areas.

Public reporting

Victorian Health Services Performance website

The Victorian Health Services Performance website aims to provide Victorians with an accurate picture about the performance of health services in their local area.  The website provides greater transparency and a better understanding of Victoria’s public hospital, health service and ambulance service performance.

The website is accessible to the public to search and view reports on patients treated, emergency care, elective surgery, mental health, specialist clinics, dental care, ambulance services, and quality, safety and patient experience.

VAHI updates the Victorian Health Services Performance website every quarter.

Patient experience of care

VAHI has an objective to provide Victorians with an accurate picture of health services in their area. The agency’s first public report Adult experiences of care in public hospitals – 2016 was released in February 2018. The report includes information on different aspects of patient experiences and is based on responses from the Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey. 

Specialist investigations

VAHI will sometimes be required to carry out specialist investigations when a specific issue has been found in the health system.

VAHI published findings from an independent review into elective surgery waiting lists after an administrative error was identified in 2016. The findings are available at Elective surgery waiting lists: a rapid review to ensure full transparency.

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