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The Victorian Health Incident Management System (VHIMS) is a standardised dataset for the collection and classification of clinical, occupational health and safety (OH&S) incidents, near misses, hazards and consumer feedback.

VHIMS was established in 2009 by the Department of Health and Human Services (the Department). The Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI) took over responsibility for VHIMS in 2017. VAHI now coordinates VHIMS in collaboration with the Department, Safer Care Victoria (SCV) and importantly, Victorian public health services.

What do you have to report?

All clinical, occupational health and safety incidents, near misses, hazards and consumer feedback.

Why do we collect this information?

Incident and feedback information collected in VHIMS helps to drive local and statewide improvements in quality, safety and patient experience.

VHIMS reform program

In 2017, VAHI announced key reforms to optimise the use and impact of the VHIMS program. 

Victorian public health services need a system that is quick, easy to use and captures complete and accurate information. The performance of the initial system introduced in 2009 was slow and it was not easy to use. Nor did it enable sharing of accurate information for statewide reporting. The VHIMS program of reforms includes various improvements that support efficient incident reporting and meaningful data.

Read the latest on the VHIMS program of reforms.

Accessing VHIMS data

Health services can access VHIMS data for their organisation by reviewing their own system. VAHI periodically releases statewide reports on VHIMS incidents to health services that provide their data. The reports include detailed analysis and peer group benchmarking.

Please log any other requests for VHIMS data through the VAHI Data Request Hub.

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Page last updated: 23 Jun 2021

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