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The Victorian healthcare experience survey (VHES) collects patient experience information from recent users of Victorian public health services with the aim of measuring and monitoring patient experience to support a patient-centred care approach to healthcare delivery. VAHI has had responsibility for the VHES program since 2017.

VAHI and Safer Care Victoria (SCV) work in collaboration to enhance patient-centred care. SCV uses the rich information gained through the VHES to inform their work with health services to drive improvements in the provision of care. 

The program captures information through ongoing patient surveys and annual patient surveys. Ongoing surveys are conducted throughout the year for inpatients, emergency department patients and maternity patients. In addition, surveys of specialist clinics, ambulance services and community health services are conducted over a specified period once a year.

Since 2014 over 250,000 patients have provided their feedback across all patient categories. The results are available through a secure online portal.

VAHI includes the results in a number of reports, such as the Board Safety and Quality Report, Inspire and Monitor, which inform hospital boards, clinicians and executives on various quality and safety performance measures.

We work with our Patient Experience and Outcomes Measurement and Reporting Committee to oversee the VHES. The Committee meets quarterly and comprises of health service, research and consumer representatives.

In 2017, VAHI commissioned an independent review of the VHES program, which involved extensive consultation across the sector and with consumer representatives.

The review highlighted the considerable strengths and successes of the program and included a suite of recommendations on improvements to the overall design and the future operation of the program.

Two key recommendations of the review related to the length of the current survey instruments, and the need to examine ways to best collect patient experience data for small and rural health services.

During the 2018–19 financial year VAHI will lead work to review the current survey instruments and examine ways to better obtain patient experience feedback for small and rural health services. We look forward to engaging with health services on these important initiatives.

Page last updated: 04 Apr 2018

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