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Robyn Hudson, Director Clinicians as Partners, SCV

My career started as a physiotherapist where I worked with young people living with complex conditions such as chronic fatigue and pervasive refusal syndrome at amazing places including Great Ormond Street Hospital, UCL Hospital and Monash Health.

However the desire to influence the bigger picture rather than purely an individual level led me to roles in system innovation and change in the UK, and now Safer Care Victoria.

The Clinicians as Partners team is a group of talented individuals; many are clinicians with a desire to change healthcare for the population.

Along with the sector this team has grand plans including tackling tonsillectomy variation, placing data directly in the hands of obstetricians and midwives, and ensuring that people receive palliative care when it is needed.

Through the Victorian Clinical Council we ensure clinicians are integral to policy development and provide real time advice on many issues.

All of our current and future activity builds on the great work that has gone before SCV.

I’m proud to work with and for an organisation striving to make a difference to the health, outcomes and experiences for Victorians. One that aims to do this in partnership, with great energy and commitment, with consumers of health and their families, and clinicians and leaders.

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Page last updated: 07 Mar 2019

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