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Posted on 04 Dec 2018

The Australian Standards for health records are currently being reviewed and public comment is welcome until 2 January 2019.

The standards set out specifications, procedures and guidelines that aim to ensure products, services, and systems are safe, consistent, and reliable. To ensure they keep pace with new technologies, standards are regularly reviewed by Standards Australia technical committees.

The standards have been revised to acknowledge new technologies and provide consistency across the health record spectrum, from paper-based health records toward a full electronic health record. Good quality health records support patient safety and continuity of care. They facilitate communication between healthcare providers and provide evidence of care provision.

VAHI is supporting the revision of the Australian Standards via representation on the Health Records technical committee.

The committee has been revising two parts of the existing health records standard:

  • Part 1: Paper-based health records (AS2828.1)
  • Part 2: Digitised health records (AS2828.2).

The paper-based health records standard specifies the physical aspects of paper health records and minimum design requirements. The digitised (scanned) health records standard specifies requirements for processes and systems used to digitise (scan) paper health records, including those that may be accessed within the context of an electronic health record. 

Both standards aim to ensure that health records are fit for purpose, easy to use, structurally consistent, and address legal, safety and quality requirements.

The committee is now discussing submitting a proposal to develop a third part of the standard, focusing on electronic health records.

Draft versions of both standards are now open for public comment. They can be accessed via: VAHI encourages all our partners to contribute to this important review by sharing your views through this process.

Page last updated: 04 Dec 2018