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Posted on 18 Feb 2019
Clinical/acute care

SAVE THE DATE: Our next major event will be the Emergency Care Clinical Network Forum on 2 May 2019 at the Arts Centre Melbourne.  A draft program will be available soon.

The Emergency Care Clinical Network has had a productive year in 2018 with the initiation of a number of important work programs resulting from our Strategy Day held in April. In the coming 12 months, some of this foundation work will come to fruition.

The Strategy Day highlighted three key clinical domains as needing support from the sector to improve patient care:

Standardised guidelines

The committee on guidelines, led by Anh Tran during his sabbatical, has reviewed and endorsed a suite of clinical guidelines suitable for Victorian emergency care clinicians. These guidelines will soon feature on our website. We now have a have a good base to start the process of engaging with clinicians. However, this will not be a static site and will require ongoing committee work to ensure relevance and development of further guidelines.

Managing presentations of the older person

Our new committee has provided recommendations on training, facility design, clinical pathways and community integration. We will work in tandem with the sector and the Care of Older People Clinical Network to finalise and progress work in this area this year.

Managing behaviours of concern

After committee recommendations, we have developed a work program for 2019 around clinical guidelines and pathways, facilities design, training and institutional resourcing. Recruitment is currently open for the clinical fellowship program (closing 17 February), with the Emergency Care Clinical Network fellow set to progress this project. Our key priorities are developing a statewide guideline for managing acute behavioural disturbance and consolidating resources for both facility design and staff training.

Read more information on the clinical fellowship

Other projects and developments over the last 12 months include:

Fact sheets

Updated patient information sheets will be available shortly on our website.  These will replace the emergency department fact sheets currently housed on the department’s website.

Sepsis bundle of care

Aisling Lim, our 2018 clinical fellow, has led the third iteration of the sepsis project which has now concluded. There was great engagement from across the state with 32 sites, including 20 urgent care centres. We will make a change package and other resources such as the clinical pathway available on our website later this year. Building on this work in 2019, the Infection Clinical Network will lead a whole of hospital sepsis project.

Management of snakebite guideline

The snakebite guideline and pathways were  updated late last year to make them more detailed and easier to use, and to ensure they align with current best practice.

Read the guideline

Insight committee

Led by Thomas Chan, the Insight committee has mapped out a quality framework and will be instituting a process to ensure key structural, process and outcome measures are monitored in the sector. Although some time-based measures of process are important, quality metrics across the system require a more comprehensive approach. We will start to test the framework over coming months and present some initial data at the sector forum in May.

A working group is also looking at an emergency care survey. We will be seeking feedback from the sector as we progress this work. The committee has established links with a number of key groups including the Stroke Clinical Network, Critical Care Clinical Network, Ambulance Victoria, Victorian Managed Insurance Authority, Victorian Agency for Health Information and our regional partners to better understand how we deliver care across the sector.

Governance committee

Under the leadership of Michael Ben-Meir, the Governance committee is liaising with other clinical networks and the department to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients as they move through the emergency care system. A key part of this work will be working with the Admitted Care Policy area of the department as they progress the capability and referral framework. The committee wants to continue liaising with the sector and assist with any operational matters of concern.  

If you have any concerns, queries or need assistance, please email us or call 03 9096 7770. 

Read more about our network projects

Future call for sabbaticals

Dr Anh Tran has demonstrated the great value a sabbatical can have both professionally and for the sector. A future call for interested FACEMs, or other professionals with similar entitlements, to spend their sabbatical with the network. There are a large number of significant pieces of work where the leadership, guidance and input of a senior clinician is immensely valuable. If you are lucky enough to have access and opportunity for a sabbatical, please get in touch to discuss current and future projects.

We are looking forward to engaging with you in 2019 and completing this ambitious improvement program for emergency care across the state.

The Emergency Care Clinical Network leadership team
Peter Cameron (Clinical Lead)
Michael Ben-Meir (Governance Chair)
Thomas Chan (Insight Chair)
Laura Hewett (Project Lead)

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