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Posted on 06 Mar 2019

Over the past 12 months, VAHI has been talking with health services, consumers, Safer Care Victoria and the Department of Health and Human Services on what they want and need from VAHI.

From March–July 2018 we held a consultation on our reporting products and the quality and safety measures they contain. In December we carried out a survey asking what you think about VAHI and how we’re performing. The information we have gathered helps us better understand your needs, guides us as we improve what we do, and is supporting development of our first three-year strategic plan.

VAHI is listening

The results are in. You’ve told us:

  • VAHI’s core function of helping to improve the quality and safety of healthcare provided to Victorians is vitally important. However, the distinction between what is VAHI’s role and that of SCV and the Department of Health and Human Services isn’t always clear.
  • While VAHI’s products are viewed as trustworthy and impartial, improvements in timeliness and actionability are required. Duplication and overlapping measures across reports can also cause confusion.
  • The move from static reports towards an online, interactive data portal is eagerly awaited.
  • There is appetite for increased public reporting to drive transparency.
  • Increased collaboration and engagement with health services, clinicians and other stakeholders would be beneficial. VAHI should help audiences understand reports, their contents and what the implications are.

VAHI is taking action

Several activities are already underway. VAHI has made changes to our reporting suite in response to your feedback. We are developing a process to prioritise new measures to include in our reports. We will launch the first release of the interactive data portal at the end of March 2019.

VAHI is also incorporating your feedback in the development of a strategic plan, which will be our road map for the next three years. Over the next two months, we will be testing our emerging strategic direction and priorities with many of you to ensure our proposals adequately address the work we need to do. 

If you have any queries, please contact Mathew Burke, Senior Manager, Strategy and Performance,

Page last updated: 06 Mar 2019