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Posted on 07 Jul 2021
Patient experience and outcomes

This month we are excited to announce some key milestones in VAHI’s reform of Victoria’s patient experience program.

Data Collection and Reporting

Data collection under the VHES program is scheduled to resume in August (for patients discharged from 1 July 2021 onwards), using the new Adult Inpatient, Adult Emergency and Maternity surveys. Data collection for Paediatric, Community Health, Ambulance, Palliative Care and Specialist Clinics and Mental Health patient categories will follow over the remainder of the year.

Once data collection resumes, health services can expect to see interim VHES results for the relevant surveys reported daily on the VHES portal. The first quarterly results will be reported on the VHES portal, as well as through VAHI’s routine reporting program, later in 2021.

Program Improvements

When the program resumes there will be some important changes including a transition to electronic data collection, near real-time reporting and the inclusion of ward level results. Along with work to redesign the VHES questionnaires, these improvements will enable VAHI to collect and report patient experience data sooner, and health services to action results to improve patient care.

The surveys instruments have also been redesigned in consultation with Victorian public health services and consumers to be shorter, provide more actionable insights for health services and focus on the aspects of care most important to patients.

Other key changes over the first year of the program will include the further exploration of an automated approach to upload of patient details for sampling to reduce the burden on health services, and changes to the VHES Result Portal for Victorian public health services to introduce customized dashboards and PDF reporting.

We will be closely monitoring the response to the new methodology and survey instruments and will make refinements as necessary over time to ensure we capture the voice of all Victorians.

Priority Reforms for 2021–22

We are continuing to work with stakeholders to ensure that the VHES program is meeting the needs of Victorian public health services and consumers. In 2021–22, our focus will be on focus on increasing engagement of culturally and linguistically diverse patients in the program, as well as looking at changes to make the VHES more suited to local and small rural health services. We will share more information on these priority projects in the coming months.

Appointment of VHES Administrator

Following an extensive approach to market process, Ipsos Public Affairs has been contracted as the administrator of the Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES) program from 2021 to 2024. Ipsos is well-known to Victorian public health services as the administrator of the VHES program since its inception in 2014.

Register for an upcoming information session.

VAHI will be holding a series of online webinar sessions with health service stakeholders from July to detail the changes to VHES program, outline the priority reforms and provide Victorian public health services with an open forum to discuss what these upcoming changes mean for them and their patients. Register your interest for one of the upcoming welcome events.

More information

More information about the new VHES program can be found on the Better Safer Care Website or by contacting the VAHI Consumer Experience team (

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