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Posted on 03 Oct 2018

Based on feedback received through our recent consultations, VAHI is implementing changes to the Board safety and quality report and Inspire report for clinicians.

The death in low mortality diagnosis related groups (DRGs) and healthcare-associated surgical site infections for selected procedures measures have been removed from these reports pending a full methodological review.

In addition, the mental health measures have been updated, to align them with the recent special mental health issue of Inspire.

Board safety and quality report

We are looking at making further changes to the Board safety and quality report based on feedback received from stakeholders. One issue highlighted in the feedback was repeated presentation of the same data for safety culture and staff immunisation. We’re looking at ways to report annual data just once, and earlier in line with other VAHI reporting.

A priority for VAHI is to provide information that is more relevant to boards, so we’re assessing how we can report high level measures, with richer information including statewide averages and trend data. 

Finally, we’re aiming to provide more detailed information for topics of particular interest to boards. To support this, we’re working with Safer Care Victoria to investigate ‘in focus’ sections that delve more deeply into specific topics of interest. We’ll keep you updated on changes through upcoming editions of VAHI news.


The abovementioned review will consider how 30-day mortality measures, an improved death in low mortality DRGs indicator and a risk-adjusted unplanned readmissions to all hospitals measure will be reported in Inspire.

Alignment to the Australian Health Performance Framework

An important change to VAHI’s reports will be aligning them to the Australian Health Performance Framework, endorsed by the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council. We have already classified the measures in VAHI reports according to this Framework’s quality dimensions, so you will soon be seeing measures grouped under domains such as equity, effectiveness, safety, appropriateness, accessibility and continuity of care.

These are just some of the improvements we are implementing in the lead up to launch of our interactive data portal in 2019.

We invite you to provide feedback on our reports at

Page last updated: 03 Oct 2018