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Posted on 02 Apr 2019

In VAHI’s first Seminar Series event of 2019, a delegation from the Connected Health Cities (CHC) initiative shared successes and learnings from their ground-breaking work in the UK.

The initiative aims to harness the power of data and technology to improve health and social care services across the North of England. It is funded by the UK Department of Health.

CHC has implemented multiple projects across the health system. The projects seek to gain new insights from existing data and turn the data into actionable intelligence that can drive accelerated health care reform. This is aided by development of new digital health tools, building public trust and working in partnership with academia and industry to deliver innovation and improvement.

We received some great feedback after the event, with attendees letting us know that they enjoyed the presentation and took away some valuable insights.

Key insights

The delegation stressed the importance of having a multidisciplinary team so that members bring different perspectives to the problem. Their project teams generally included clinicians, statisticians, data analysts, IT experts and more.

A core element of the CHC approach is building public trust and ensuring people understand what is happening with their data. CHC engaged with the public in different ways including citizen’s juries. They found that people were willing to provide their data as long as:

  • there was transparency around how the data would be used
  • the data was not being used for profit
  • they understood the benefits for them and their family. 

They explained that ‘front-line innovators require solid foundations’. This means being prepared to spend much more time properly diagnosing the problem than coming up with the solution. It also requires having elements like governance in place before you start.

They found that sustaining critical mass on a project needed commitment, not compliance, from the staff delivering the solution. A new technology-supported service will be more likely to succeed when the professional staff feel part of the shared success, rather than feeling a pressure to achieve goals that have been set for them.

We are grateful to the CHC delegation for sharing their insights and experience through the seminar. The delegation comprised:

  • Professor John Ainsworth, Director
  • Dr Amanda Lamb, Deputy Director & Chief Operating Officer
  • Gary Leeming, Chief Technology Officer
  • Ruth Norris, Head of Strategic Relations.

Download the presentation 

Seminar series

Upcoming seminars

VAHI established the Seminar Series to bring together local and international experts with an audience of health services executives and clinicians, government staff and other interested parties to share valuable information, and promote collaboration, innovation and best practice. Upcoming seminars include:

  • Thursday 2 May 2019 – Professor David Henry from the University of Melbourne and Bond University will present on data liberalisation.
  • Thursday 6 June 2019 – Professor David Dunt from the University of Melbourne will present on clinicians’ perceptions of public reporting of hospital performance data.

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