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Posted on 09 Dec 2020

As part of VAHI’s ongoing contribution to the COVID-19 pandemic response, we are continuing to adapt our reporting program to support Victoria’s pandemic recovery phase. 

Disruptions to elective surgery caused by the COVID-19 pandemic provide an opportunity to resume these services in line with national and international clinical consensus on the care and procedures that provide the best outcomes for patients.

Safer Care Victoria (SCV) has partnered with the Victorian Perioperative Consultative Council and the Perioperative Expert Working Group to review contemporary clinical evidence and identify procedures for which there is limited evidence of clinical benefit for patients, except where specific clinical indications exist. This work is known as the Best care program. 

VAHI is committed to supporting this program of work. Our role in the Best care policy implementation is to lead the data analysis and a reporting program. This includes the development of a digital solution that enables interactive reporting of results for each of the Best care procedures. The interactive digital report has been designed to deliver actionable insights via a user-friendly dashboard and supporting visualisations. Best care data and results will include information relating to the; 

  • 27 individual Best care procedures; 
  • Measurability of each procedure derived from the clinical guidelines and available datasets; 
  • Volume of activity per procedure over a five-year time-series enabling comparison over time analysis;
  • Comparison between hospitals and identification of outlier hospitals; and
  • For authorised users, patient episode level detail to enable more granular analysis of the reported results.

The pilot phase of the Best care interactive digital report will be released on the VAHI portal to a select group of authorised end users in early 2021. This pilot phase is an important milestone in the Best care program of work, as it will facilitate further end-user engagement and refinement of the reporting methodology and visualisation to support meaningful interpretation before mainstreaming to the wider sector. 

The full release of the first Best care will follow the completion of the pilot phase. 

For more information or to speak with VAHI about our involvement in Best care program, please contact Andrew Baker, Manager of Public Reporting and Engagement via

Page last updated: 09 Dec 2020