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Posted on 08 Oct 2019

VAHI is building a new, authenticated health reporting portal (VAHI portal) that will be accessible for all health services via secure login. We plan to release the portal in 2020.

The VAHI portal will give health services the ability to:

  • explore quality and safety measures for your health service and compare with outcomes across other health services
  • explore trends in various measures
  • drill down into data, from hospital-level outcomes to disaggregated data at the patient level (assuming you have the appropriate access)
  • download the latest Board and Monitor PDF reports when they become available – with the interactive reports and further functionality scheduled for Stage 2.

As part of development of the VAHI portal, we will be conducting a pilot with a small number of health services. The pilot will run from December 2019 through to March 2020 and will help us to gather user feedback and test functionality and processes, as we work towards delivering the best possible experience for all health services.

The new VAHI portal will transform the way health services access quality and safety data. We expect the site to evolve over time; Stage 1 will be the starting point, with additional features and functionality to be released iteratively.

Watch this space for updates as we progress into the pilot and head towards the portal launch.

If you have any questions about the VAHI portal, please contact Steve Graham, Director, Information Infrastructure, Management and Standards, via

Page last updated: 08 Oct 2019