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Posted on 07 Jun 2018

Emergency department demand and access, and managing specific presentations were among the priorities for the quality and safety of emergency care in Victoria, as identified by more than 180 healthcare and consumer representatives.

For the first time, Safer Care Victoria's Emergency Care Clinical Network held a strategic planning day recently, bringing together clinicians who deliver emergency care within urgent care centres (UCC), emergency departments (ED) and Ambulance Victoria (AV). It provided a key opportunity  to identify opportunities for improving the quality of care and patient experience in Victorian emergency departments over the next three years.

Emergency care priorities

Armed with insights, data and information around UCCs, EDs and AV, attendees identified six priority areas:

  • guidelines and handouts for patients
  • managing mental health presentations
  • referral pathways
  • demand and access
  • managing presentations for older people
  • IT/data.
‘I thoroughly enjoyed the day and felt it was very indicative of the current state of emergency departments and their challenges. It is great to hear other services challenges and hear ideas in the resolution. Very well planned and great speakers.’

Next steps

The Emergency Care Clinical Network will meet on 14 June 2018 to endorse the priorities and SCV will establish a subcommittee for each priority area.

We will be inviting applications to join the subcommittees and contribute to the work of the network.

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