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Posted on 01 Sep 2021
Innovation and improvement

VAHI will reduce the volume of our reporting products and align reporting frequencies following a review of our reporting program.

Other changes include updated methodologies for calculation including risk adjustment models and lifecycle indicators that are no longer useful. A list of new reporting requirements has also been developed including proposal for new measures that could better identify quality and safety signals.

Feedback obtained through our formal stakeholder consultation process was used to guide our thinking around opportunities for improvement, as was advice received from the more strategic feedback sessions we’ve had with most health services executives over the last 12-18 months.

Development of future information products will be greenlighted through a new prioritisation process VAHI will oversee with the Department, enabling a more holistic assessment of needs across different programs areas, and various improvement and reform initiatives. 

Board Clinical governance training

New Board clinical governance induction training sessions are available from now until November 2021. Sessions are organised by Safer Care Victoria (SCV), and include an overview by VAHI of the Board Safety and Quality Report and guidance to help Board members understand how they can use the data in VAHI reports.

Sessions are currently held online via Microsoft Teams to maximise access for regional participants and provide a COVID safe environment. Training dates are advertised on the BetterSaferCare website and registrations are available at this link.

Need support for staff or board members on understanding data or reports?

Further support in interpreting and using the data in VAHI reports is available through a series of videos on the Better Safer Care website.

The VAHI video series describes how to interpret common data visualisations (including bar charts, funnel plots and time series) to better understand and make the most of the information presented in our reports.

Page last updated: 01 Sep 2021