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Posted on 03 Mar 2020

Fourteen health services have recently put VAHI’s soon-to-be-released health reporting portal to the test.

Feedback from our pilot participants is informing the next stage of development of the secure site, before the portal launches later this year.
Once live, the VAHI portal will give health services the ability to log in and:

  • explore quality and safety measures for your health service and compare with outcomes across other health services
  • explore trends in various measures
  • drill down into data, from hospital-level outcomes to disaggregated data at the patient level (assuming you have the appropriate access)
  • download the latest Board and Monitor PDF reports when they become available – with the interactive reports and further functionality scheduled for Stage 2.

Pilot participants provided VAHI with feedback across all aspects of the site – navigation, content, PDF downloads, scope of data presented and visualisations across a range of measures including emergency care, elective surgery, patient experience and staff safety culture.

Feedback showed users were generally confident navigating the portal and found the data visualisations helpful. 

Comparisons with data from other health services and the ability to track trends over time were among the most useful features noted by the pilot group. 

VAHI intends to release the portal by June 2020. Once live, the process of feedback and ongoing improvement will continue. We expect the portal to evolve as users become more familiar with the system and start using it as a normal part of their monitoring activities. 

Thanks to all health services who participated in the pilot. 

If you have any questions about the VAHI portal, please contact Kim Williams, via

VAHI Portal - interactive view

Example of the VAHI portal’s interactive dashboard

Page last updated: 03 Mar 2020