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Posted on 24 Sep 2018

Prof Euan Wallace AM, CEO Safer Care Victoria

By Prof Euan Wallace, AM - Chief Executive Officer, Safer Care Victoria

We are thrilled to be sharing with you the commencement of the Victorian Patient Safety Program, via a four year strategic partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) that will support all of us in improving the quality of healthcare Victorians receive inside our hospitals.

The IHI has decades of proven experience in improving patient safety and reducing variation in patient outcomes. Many of you attended the IHI-BMJ International Quality and Safety Forum in Melbourne earlier this month and heard about the IHI’s evidence-based approach to reducing harm in healthcare delivery.

What this means for Victoria is that, in partnership with IHI, we at SCV will be spreading the IHI improvement methodology to strengthen capability to drive change across the state. We will be doing this strategically to ensure we have the right skills spread across the system and will work with you to identify, train and then support your staff to lead the change packages and bundles of care.

As well as providing the tools and training for improvement, we will also be bringing clinicians, executives and consumers together to identify your priorities for improvement.

None of this is mandatory. We are here to work with and support those that would like to be involved. We are hopeful that most, if not all, services will choose to join the Victorian Patient Safety Program. If your service chooses not to join we are still keen to keep you informed of the progress and successes of the program.

To give you a better sense of some of the successes ahead of us, I recommend looking at the Scottish NHS partnership with the IHI. There is plenty to read about here for those who are interested and here.

As we progress the Victorian Patient Safety Program we will keep you informed about your opportunities to be involved, together with our progress, via this enewsletter and our website.

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