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Posted on 14 Feb 2020
Clinical/Acute Care
Governance and leadership
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Meet Sarah

Sarah McTaggart
Previous Clinical Fellow Sarah McTaggart

I’m a Dietitian and have spent most of my career working in regional health services across NSW and Victoria. I have two very energetic German Shorthaired Pointers and have loved making the most of my commute time in Melbourne to read. 

Q. You were part of our very first clinical fellowship in May 2018, why did you apply for the program?  

During a PDP meeting with my manager I identified the skills I needed to develop further my career interests – quality improvement, project management and leadership. A week later, the clinical fellowship came up and was too good to be true, ticking all my boxes and with the added bonus of working at a system wide level.

Q. What are the key things you learnt and how has the fellowship impacted you as a clinician?

It has been amazing to have the opportunity to step back from the busy clinical environment and give myself time to learn. I have gained a deep appreciation of how invaluable the consumer perspective is and the importance of involving them in the work right from the start.  I now find myself thinking differently about issues and have a broader perspective of the health care system.

Q. What are you doing now and how has the fellowship impacted this? 

In April I will be starting a new role as the Improvement Lead for the Paediatric Patient Safety Program at the Clinical Excellence Commission in Sydney, NSW. If it wasn’t for the skills I developed in the fellowship,   there is no way I would ever have considered applying for a role like this. The fellowship challenged me to reflect on what I wanted my next career step to be. 

Q. What words of advice or encouragement would you give clinicians thinking about applying for the fellowship program in 2020?

The fellowship is about learning – professionally and personally. You don’t need to be experienced in project management or quality improvement or have experience in any of the advertised 2020 projects. But, you do need to be open to the challenges it will provide (don’t worry, they’re good challenges). 

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