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Posted on 24 May 2018
Innovation and improvement

To empower health services to be ready and receptive for positive change, Safer Care Victoria has refreshed and updated the Organisational Strategy for Improvement Matrix (OSIM).

OSIM is an interactive capability measurement tool that allows users to identify, measure and monitor organisational accelerators and barriers to improvement. OSIM offers practical tools for assessing a health service’s capability for sustaining improvement.

The tool was first developed as the Health Improvement Capability Quotient (Health ICQ) in 2012 by Victoria's (former) Department of Health. In 2016 management of the tool shifted from the Department of Health and Human Services to Safer Care Victoria.

Working with the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission and selected health services, SCV refreshed the tool for roll out in 2017.

How does OSIM work?

OSIM is designed to help health services self-assess their organisational level of improvement capability by:

  • prompting discussion about organisational strengths and areas of potential development
  • facilitating reflection on ways to improve capability
  • informing strategic goals.

It is structured around four key areas, or ‘domains’:

  • Organisational systems and structures – the organisations processes and management of processes, and its demonstrated ability to drive improvement.
  • Workforce capability and development – the knowledge, skills and abilities of the workforce related to improving work processes and systems, and availability of training to build capability.
  • Results and system impact – the means by which results are measured and tracked and the emerging benefits communicated.
  • Culture and behaviours – the mechanisms to support and embed a continuous improvement environment, including leaders’ awareness of their role in driving improvement.

Health services self-assess their performance against different criterion, which involves asking the question, 'How well does our health service meet this criterion?' They then assign a maturity level from Level 1 – Foundational, to Level 5 – Advanced.

Once completed OSIM produces a score indicative of the health service's overall maturity level for improvement capability.

Find out more about OSIM at the Better Care Victoria website.

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Page last updated: 29 May 2018