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Posted on 01 Nov 2019

VAHI is pleased to launch the new VAHI portal, which replaces the existing Victorian Health System Performance website that was developed by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The portal provides the Victorian community with information on the performance, quality and safety of Victorian public health services, updated quarterly.

The portal is available at

The new portal is more user friendly, making it easier for Victorians to find information on the performance of their local health service. It allows users to search by postcode and easily see the performance of hospitals across the state.

These improvements are part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to greater transparency of health service performance.

The portal is stage 1 of VAHI’s shift to online reporting. We are currently building and testing a clinical portal for clinicians and health services that will provide more detailed performance information through secure login. We are on schedule to release the clinical portal in early 2020.

Page last updated: 01 Nov 2019