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Posted on 03 Oct 2018

In consultation with Safer Care Victoria and clinical networks, a standard outlier policy and escalation procedure has been developed for inclusion in all Victorian Government funded clinical quality registry contracts. 

Clinical quality registries systematically monitor the quality (appropriateness and effectiveness) of health care within specific clinical domains, by routinely collecting, analysing and reporting back health-related information to contributing clinicians/units.The information is used to identify benchmarks and significant variance in outcomes, and inform improvements in healthcare quality.  

In this way, clinical quality registries are able to identify outliers whose performance on a particular risk-adjusted indicator deviates statistically and/or in a clinically significant way.

All registries funded by the Victorian Government will now be required to have in place a transparent and clearly documented protocol describing:

  • the measures that will be tracked for outlier identification
  • the thresholds that will be applied to trigger local efforts to improve care, as well as escalation to the Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Safer Care Victoria and clinical networks, and the Department of Health and Human Services if necessary.

Compliance with the protocol is a contractual obligation for funding. This change will mean hospital CEOs, the Department of Health and Human Services and Safer Care Victoria will be alerted to possible areas of concern in a more consistent and timely manner.

Page last updated: 03 Oct 2018