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Posted on 08 Dec 2021
Innovation and improvement

Major metropolitan health services have been the key early adopters of the new Health Services Performance Monitoring Dashboard, which was released on the VAHI portal in early November.

The new Dashboard gives health services access to an interactive version of their Performance Monitor report dashboard, complementing the existing PDF versions targeted to each health service.

The Dashboard has been accessed hundreds of times since launching on 4 November 2021, led by larger health services in Melbourne

The new digital version gives authorised staff within health services a shared view of how their service is performing against key indicators, supporting their capacity to make more targeted, actionable and timely improvement decisions. 

Key indicators on performance, quality and safety are provided upfront when the Dashboard is accessed, improving data accessibility and ease of use.  Filters and drill-downs can be used for further investigation, comparison and analysis.

Future releases will add more functionality, including data on health service partnerships, a greater ability to filter the dashboard and to explore additional datasets such as elective surgery and specialist clinics. 

Feedback gathered since launch is being used to enhance the next versions of the dashboard. If you want to provide feedback or make a suggestion for future releases, please contact

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