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Posted on 07 Apr 2020
Clinical/acute care
Emergency care

Everyone deserves to feel safe in emergency care settings, but this can be challenging when caring for people who are agitated or aggressive. 

Together with healthcare consumers and staff, and after reviewing 125 pieces of evidence and analysing 73 public consultation submissions, Safer Care Victoria has produced clinical guidance to improve care for people experiencing acute behavioural disturbance. 

Download the guidance

The guidance provides advice for emergency care clinicians across seven possible moments. It also comes with a handy visual summary for quick reference.

Why did we do this?

Emergency care clinicians and consumers identified improving the care of people displaying acute behavioural disturbance as a priority. 

Our expert working group found there was no one standard across the state to help healthcare staff respond consistently, safely and appropriately to people displaying acute behavioural disturbance, and recommended that we develop this clinical guidance. 

Page last updated: 07 Apr 2020