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Posted on 25 May 2018
Quality/safety improvement
Safety cultures

Healthcare, human factors and consumer representatives have joined Safer Care Victoria as part of the SCV Academy.

Members of the Academy will work with SCV to conduct complex safety reviews and support health services in learning from serious incidents. In addition, our Academy members will advise, mentor and train health services in review skills.

The SCV Academy members have been appointed as a sessional employee with SCV for a three-year period and will work with us approximately one day per week. Commencing with an eight week training program, the Academy will begin their incident response team tasks from mid-July.

Meet our first cohort of Academy members

SCV Academy

Gabrielle Castillo – a Registered Nurse, endorsed midwife and public health clinician with experience in both public and private health services. Gabrielle is passionate about clinical quality and safety and will be undertaking post-graduate studies in human factors and safety alongside her commitment to the Safer Care Victoria Academy.

Jacqueline Hughes – a nurse and educator in a rural health service with previous experience working as a health professional within a corrections facility.

Jennifer Morris – brings a combination of a consumer perspective and a healthcare safety research background.

Jill Butty – has extensive experience as a director of quality and safety and regional and rural perinatal mortality and morbidity.

Julia Pitsopoulos – is a seasoned human factors, safety and risk professional who is new to health but brings extensive experience from other high risk industries.

Kylie Osborne – a nurse and midwife by training working as the Clinical Midwife consultant for the Gippsland region in the rural Maternity Support Program. Kylie works to improve outcomes for mothers and babies and provides support to maternity clinicians.

Liat Watson – a dedicated and passionate consumer representative who is part of SCV’s Patient and Family Council, Victorian Surgical Consultative Council and Victorian Clinical Council.

Louise Sterling – brings primary care, hospital and regional perspectives as a GP Obstetrician and medical educator in the Gippsland region.

Margaret Bird – a physician in geriatric medicine with experience in public and private practice. Margaret also works clinically in internal medicine and palliative care and is completing a Masters in Health Services Management.

Nicola Cunningham – an emergency physician and forensic physician and a big driver of communicating patient safety topics to the sector.

Simon Woods – brings a long commitment to safety and quality in healthcare, informed by his career as a surgeon, medical director and hospital manager.

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