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Posted on 24 Jan 2019
Consumer engagement
Patience experience and outcomes

Hear from one health service who piloted a new online patient feedback system and find out what they learned

By Karen Transton, Quality Coordinator, Kerang District Health

Kerang District Health started using the Patient Opinion online feedback system in August 2018, as part of a 12 month trial supported by Safer Care Victoria. We are a small rural service and did not previously have access to an online feedback system.

Before joining Patient Opinion our internal feedback system allowed us to review and respond to all comments, however the process limited the number of stories that were heard across the service.

Making the change to a new system

Initially management and staff had reservations about how we would manage the good, the bad and the ugly via an online portal where everyone – including the public – could view the feedback.

To help staff better understand how Patient Opinion works the staff dining room TV was set up so staff could access the portal and read stories in real time. At a staff meeting we took staff through the platform, reviewed a story and discussed what was good and what could be improved.

Existing comment, complaint and suggestion forms were removed and replaced with patient opinion brochures to encourage our consumers to start using this platform. We promoted the platform through the staff newsletter, newspaper, radio, Quality Account and consumer groups. We also identified staff to champion and drive the program.

How does it work

All stories are reviewed by Patient Opinion, de-identified, uploaded and then responded to by our service.

Experiences can be shared online or by filling in a Patient Opinion comment form and directly sending it to Patient Opinion.

At the end of each month we collate the stories we have received and share these with our staff to drive changes to improve our service.

Stories started rolling in…

At first, they were short compliments about our service, but as the community became more confident in using the new system the stories turned into journeys. Our staff enjoy hearing what the community has to say and are thrilled if they are mention by name for service provided.

Patient Opinion has helped us identify opportunities and make changes to our service where needed. The whole organisation, including staff, management and executives, are involved in implementing these changes, increasing transparency and improving our service.

Visit Kerang District Health’s website or Patient Opinion Australia to learn more.

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