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Posted on 07 Sep 2021
Clinical/acute care
Innovation and improvement

We're looking for consumers and clinicians to give five hours of their time to help prevent postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) - the leading cause of maternal deaths worldwide.

In Victoria, it was the cause of 35 per cent of all severe acute maternal morbidity reported in 2019. Research suggests that it is often avoidable. 

From early next year, we'll be working the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Victorian health services to reduce the rate of primary PPH from an intended vaginal birth. PPH Collaborative participating sites will be recruited later this year.

Right now, we're looking for up to 30 experienced consumers and clinicians to join our expert working group and inform how the collaborative will run - including the change package and measurement strategy to be used at participating sites.

Applications close midnight Monday 27 September


Who should apply?

Clinicians with relevant clinical background including midwifery, obstetrics, emergency medicine, general practice, nursing and private home birth services.

Read our clinical information pack for how to apply.


Who should apply?

People with lived experience of PPH, or caring for  a woman with PPH.

Read our consumer information pack for how to apply.

What's expected?

Members of the expert working group will need to read and review materials (about 1-2 hours) before a three-hour workshop on 17 November.

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