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Posted on 07 May 2019

In partnership with SCV, VAHI is working to redesign our Board safety and quality report so that the information we report to public health service boards better reflects their role in clinical governance, and their associated information and data needs.

During the consultation on VAHI’s reporting products in 2018, stakeholders told us there was too much duplication across our reports. They recognised that the reports were trying to meet the needs of different audiences but suggested there was an opportunity to tailor them more effectively.

Based on this feedback, we have developed a new framework to underpin the structure and content of Board safety and quality report that:

  • provides a more logical structure via alignment to clinical governance domains
  • increases the report’s relevance to the board audience by targeting content towards key clinical governance questions
  • reduces duplication of information by focusing the content on strategic level measures.

Framework for Board

The framework has been informed by the SCV Clinical Governance Framework for health service boards and stakeholders via the VAHI Board Reports Advisory Committee and the Quality and Safety Board Network.  

Over the next few months, VAHI will be working with stakeholders to identify and agree on a suite of quality and safety measures most relevant to boards to include in the redesigned report. We will also be looking at different ways to present information to support greater understanding of the data.

The November 2019 issue of BSQR will be the first report developed under the new framework and will include several new quality and safety measures. We will continue to evolve the report during 2019–20 as we develop new measures and further refine our visualisations.

To find out more about our work on the Board safety and quality report contact us at

Page last updated: 07 May 2019