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Posted on 21 May 2018
Clinical/acute care
Infection prevention and control
Mental health

Safer Care Victoria is increasing engagement with sector through the creation of two new clinical networks.

Our clinical networks bring together health professionals, academics and consumers across specialist areas. They also provide a vital connection between SCV, the department and frontline clinicians and consumers.

The Mental Health Clinical Network and the Infection Clinical Network will join our nine existing clinical networks.

The new networks will undertake the same strategic planning as our established networks, including developing a three-year strategy and identifying priority projects to tackle key quality and safety issues.

How to get involved

SCV is seeking clinicians and consumers to help set the priorities for both of our new clinical networks.

Mental Health Clinical Network

You’re invited to participate in a strategic planning day for this network.

We are seeking interested clinicians and the lived experience workforce across mental health public and private health services to contribute to the future direction of the Mental Health Clinical Network.

Details: Tuesday 3 July 2018, 09:30am – 4:00pm

Click here to register.

For more information contact:

Infection Clinical Network

A governance committee has recently been appointed for the Infection Clinical Network. The committee met in May 2018 and will hold a strategic planning day in August 2018 to consider the future direction of this network.

Find out more about the Infection Clinical Network here.

For more information contact:

Stay in the loop

We’re simplifying the way our clinical networks communicate. We are shortly launching Clinical Network News, a jointly produced monthly newsletter.

Clinical Network News will feature all the latest SCV and sector updates for clinicians, specialists and healthcare professionals, including case studies, events, resources and opportunities like grants, jobs and consultation.

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You can also subscribe to our monthly SCV newsletter

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