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Posted on 22 Mar 2021
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Have you got your virtual pass for GIANT STEPS 2021 yet?

Get to know our keynote speakers! As we countdown to the virtual conference like no other, we got chatting to Dr Richard Harris SC, OAM.

To see what Richard has in store for us on the day visit our event program.

Meet Dr Richard Harris SC, OAM

Dr Richard Harris SC, OAM photo

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In what ways did you find your healthcare training challenged by the situation in front of you in Tham Luang cave?

The anaesthesia of the soccer team was unprecedented and nothing like it had ever been considered let alone attempted. The moral dilemmas and ethics of taking such a massive risk with the lives of the boys was particularly confronting. So it was a matter of going back to first principles, considering the alternatives and pushing ahead despite overwhelming odds.

What do you think other healthcare workers can learn from this in a more conventional setting?

Trust your training and clinical acumen. Do what is in the best interest of your patients’ as the first priority and consider personal consequences second to that.

Have you been able to see the boys that you rescued and the people you worked with since 2018? How are they going?

We revisited the boys in Thailand in April 2019. Their lives (like ours!) seem to have changed enormously and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. We could see no outward signs that the experience had left any psychological or physical scars on the lads.

Catch more from Richard at GIANT STEPS 2021 on Wednesday 12 May. If you haven't already got a ticket, you can grab one here.

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