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Posted on 11 Dec 2019

VAHI provides many reporting products to health service boards, CEOs, clinicians (public and private) and the Victorian community. We’re focused on improving our current reporting products, so they can be more effective in helping to drive quality and safety improvement and transparency across the health system.

We’ve put together a diagram to show the high-level process we follow to develop a new report or redevelop an existing report. The process has four stages: scoping, production, publication and evaluation.

VAHI is committed to delivering the right information to the right audience at the right time. Our reporting process therefore includes several points of stakeholder engagement, to help maximise the usefulness of our reports.

To ensure the ongoing accuracy and reliability of the data in our reports, we have thorough quality assurance processes throughout the process. 

Download the guide to VAHI’s report development 

If you have any queries about how we develop our reports, please contact Mary Manescu, Director, Health System Reporting, via

Page last updated: 11 Dec 2019