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Posted on 02 Jul 2019

On 6 June, VAHI collaborated with the Victorian Clinical Council (VCC) to host a meeting that brought together clinicians, consumers, health services executives, and representatives from the Department of Health and Human Services (the Department) and Safer Care Victoria (SCV).

The meeting, titled ‘Count Me In’ focused on prioritising key domains for measures development and discussing which quality and safety measures should be considered for the prioritised domains. The information gathered through the meeting will contribute strongly to the development of VAHI’s reporting plan for 2019–20.

Through consultations with stakeholders in 2018, VAHI received feedback on 100 measures for refinement as well as input on themes for new measure development. The measures were classified into key domains to align with the strategic priorities of the Department, SCV and the Australian Commission of Safety and Quality in Health Care. VAHI worked with a VCC working group for additional input which resulted in refinements to the final domains for prioritisation.

At the meeting, participants ranked the domains in order of priority. The top priorities were identified as:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health outcomes and cultural safety
  • child and youth health
  • mental health
  • palliative care.

These four domains were discussed in detail, looking at VAHI’s current reporting and identifying gaps with reference to the Australian Health Performance Framework (AHPF). 

Key points raised at the meeting:

  • For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health outcomes and cultural safety, new measures should be developed to support safety, continuity of care and appropriateness. There was an emphasis on cultural safety, risk identification and improving communication between services to reduce patients having to ‘tell their stories’ many times.
  • For child and youth health, there was a focus on health care from the beginning of life and with a life course perspective of development, with measures that draw on a variety of datasets, focusing on appropriateness and continuity of care.
  • For mental health, discussion focused on the need to report beyond a clinical setting with a further need for a balanced scorecard approach across all AHPF categories.  
  • For palliative care, discussions focused on measures to support Victoria’s end of life and palliative care framework with an initial focus on accessibility, continuity of care, appropriateness and effectiveness.

There was an emphasis on using linked data to broaden the scope of measure development and service provision to include both health and social sectors – an opportunity that VAHI has begun to explore. It was also noted that future measures should include positive versus negative framing.

The meeting included a panel discussion on public reporting with perspectives from consumers, clinicians and VAHI. Consumer representatives Rebekah Karberry and Ann Jorgensen highlighted the importance of co-design in developing public reports. The information should be easy to understand and easily accessible. Matthew Hatfield, Deputy Chair of the VCC, shared insights on public reporting from the UK, where improving communication channels with consumers has been key to effective public reporting.

VAHI will use the outcomes from the meeting to inform its future work program and will provide regular updates on progress through this newsletter.

For further information, contact Paula Wilton, Director, Clinical Analytics and Outcomes Research, on

Page last updated: 09 Jul 2019