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Posted on 24 Sep 2018
Consumer engagement
Full house for consumer designed and delivered session on Effective Communication
A full house for the consumer designed and delivered session on effective communication 

For the first time a conference held in Australia – the IHI-BMJ International Forum on Quality and Safety – has earned the Consumers Health Forum #withconsumers tick of accreditation.

As a strategic partner, Safer Care Victoria’s focus on partnering with consumers during the event (and across our work) helped secure the tick of approval.

The #withconsumers tick is a structured way for organisations to show commitment to integrating the experience and insight of consumers into activities.

While the #withconsumers tick accreditation has been a great outcome, SCV’s commitment to partnering with consumers has been in place for over a year, beginning with the recruitment of an on-staff consumer leader in 2017. As part of this role, Belinda MacLeod-Smith was able to design, deliver and support a suite of activities for 20 health consumer representatives attending the IHI-BMJ conference from throughout Australia.

‘Working closely with conference organisers, consumers and staff from SCV and CHF resulted in an event that meaningfully engaged consumers before, during and after the event,’ said Belinda.

Working with IHI and BMJ staff, Belinda was able to identify and support multiple consumer participation opportunities. This included a dedicated consumer session on effective communication, consumer-focused poster presentations and informal networking activities based on the consumer corner – a central meeting point for consumers at the conference.

‘We’ve had incredibly positive feedback from clinicians and consumers attending the event. Our consumer corner became a real hub for conversation and connection. We even had a live question board that stimulated great discussions about how and when to connect with consumers, and plenty of social media action thanks to some of our very active Twitter users.’

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Read what our consumers had to say

IHI-BMJ consumer meeting point
Consumer meeting point was a hub for connection, conversation and coffee.

‘Can I just say a big thank you to Safer Care Victoria for providing me with this amazing opportunity. For me, it was a life time opportunity, one that I may not have again. I have nice memories, I learned a lot, and feel recharged to keep my consumer involvement to improve healthcare for me and all Victorians.’ - Nora

‘The emphasis on consumer engagement/partnerships in care/consumer co –design in the streamed sessions was very encouraging as there were good examples where this approach lead to a better and in some cases more efficient, effective service with improved clinical outcomes. It was great to have such a focus on consumer engagement and patient centred care evident in most presentations.’ - Jennifer

‘My head is still spinning from seeing and hearing so many inspirational speakers at the IHI conference this week. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to participate, it was invaluable to me. I will be able to share so much with my consumer colleagues in Bendigo and indeed across the Loddon Mallee region.’ - Sally

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