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Posted on 07 Feb 2019
Clinical/acute care

Please be aware of a recent fire at a health service involving a mobile medical record computer that was powered by two lithium batteries. One of the batteries was the cause of the fire.

Actions for health services

Following this event, please:

  • Complete checks of all lithium batteries to identify any aberrant units.
  • Seek advice from your lithium battery supplier/suppliers where required to ensure safe handling, usage and charging practices are up to date.
  • Brief all staff who handle the units on these practices.


Any energy storage device carries a safety risk and battery makers are obligated to meet safety requirements. Quality lithium batteries are safe if used as intended.

The following images demonstrate a complete unit and battery chargers.

Complete unit

Image 1: complete unit

Battery chargers

Image 2: battery chargers

More information

Jonathan Prescott
03 9096 1309

Please note: this alert was distributed on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Page last updated: 12 Feb 2019