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The way that national health data is shared, linked, accessed and used is undergoing a period of significant reform.

The Victorian Government, through VAHI, is playing a leading role in the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council's (AHMAC's) National Data Linkage Demonstration Project. The project will help inform a national approach to data linkage through detailed assessment of the feasibility and benefits of linking data between jurisdictions.

This project links public hospital patient admitted and emergency care data from NSW and Victoria, with Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS), Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and National Death Index (NDI) data, for the first time.

Under this initiative, VAHI is leading implementation of the Delivering Better Cardiac Outcomes: Primary, Specialist and Hospital Care project. Stage one and two investigations (focused on atrial fibrillation and acute coronary syndrome) have already yielded a greater understanding of:

  • the variation in prescribing of evidence-based medications on discharge from hospitals within Victoria and between states
  • the variation in persistence of taking these medications and the impact on outcomes
  • the impact of policy differences between states.  

VAHI is trialling a novel collaborative operating model between government, clinicians, and academic health scientists to deliver this initiative. This will ensure that high-quality information can be generated and used immediately by clinical networks, policy makers and health services to improve patient journeys and outcomes.

We will be sharing findings and insights gained through this project via:

Page last updated: 07 Aug 2018

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