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Discharging older people from emergency care settings is complex and presents a number of challenges. We need your help to make it safer, especially for older people over the age of 65 years. 

We are looking for clinicians and consumers to join our expert working group to help us develop and test ways to improve the experience of older people leaving hospital, and other emergency care settings. 

Older people can have complex health issues

Older people often have complex problems including difficulties with self-care, unrecognised cognitive impairment and delirium, being at risk of falls and polypharmacy. They are a vulnerable, at-risk population when discharged from an emergency care service.

There is large variation in practice, with no standardised assessment for a safe discharge across the emergency care sector. We need to understand what resources departments currently use to support discharge planning, identify what a ‘good discharge’ looks like and what barriers exist to achieving this.

What’s involved?

As a member of this working group you will:

  • contribute to a statewide quality initiative 
  • review evidence and models of care on discharging older people who attend emergency care settings 
  • develop and then pilot a standardised, structured discharge process for assessing safety for discharge in older persons attending emergency care
  • contribute to identifying metrics that can measure change
  • provide leadership and advice to the network.

We are looking for:

  • medical staff
  • nursing staff
  • care co-ordinators and others involved in assessing safety for discharge from emergency care settings
  • allied health staff
  • pharmacists
  • consumers, including family members and carers, with lived experience of emergency care services.

How to apply

Download our working group expression of interest pack below, complete the documents and email us your application by Wednesday 18 March 2020.

More information

Dr. Gabriel Blecher
Clinical Lead
Emergency Care Clinical Network

(03) 9096 7770

Page last updated: 05 Mar 2020

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