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In our August newsletter we launched VAHI’s 2018–19 Corporate plan. Our plan includes an ambitious program of work across a wide range of initiatives and projects. Our major projects are significant pieces of work that will be critical in delivering on our mission.

The projects are at various stages of development. While some will be delivered in the coming year, the focus for others will be on project scoping during 2018–19.

Projects to be delivered in 2018–19:

  • Design and build an interactive data portal
  • Implement the Victorian Clinical Quality Registry (CQR) strategy.
  • Finalise development and pilot the new Victorian Health Incident Management System (VHIMS) strategy.
  • Design and build a VAHI Information Management Environment (VIME).

Projects to be scoped and planned in 2018–19:

  • Further scope and pilot the Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) collection strategy.
  • Work with Safer Care Victoria (SCV), the Department and external experts to continue reforms of the Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES) program.
  • Scope the expansion of health related data within VAHI’s reporting program.
  • Contribute to broader Victorian government progress on quality and safety improvement.

Some of these projects will be familiar to many of you through their inclusion as recommendations in Targeting zero, or perhaps through involvement you’ve had in their scoping, planning and delivery

We will provide you with periodic updates on our other major projects as they progress.

For more information about the major projects, see the Corporate plan.

Page last updated: 06 Sep 2018

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